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Boulders and Pebbles

I started making pebbles as a way of giving customers something to handle and touch, because there is something wonderfully inviting about naked raku. I didn’t expect to sell any but I was wrong I’ve made and sold hundreds.

I want to create sculpture which has the simple perfection of a beautiful lump of rock. As time went by the small pebbles I made started getting bigger and it was inevitable that I would make boulders. I had forgotten that thirty years ago working in London I made large boulders for a landscape architect who wanted them for round a pool.

I never imagined that by making pebbles and stones of all sizes I would have this ongoing conversation which people of all ages from all over the world who share my love and obsession with collecting rocks and are delighted to stop to talk about them.

It is a real challenge to get the glaze and slip layers on the boulders because they are enclosed forms and also because I want the patterns to follow through on the bottom too.