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Standing Stones

There are many standing stones in the area around me and as part of my long interest in geology these stones erected by our forbears hold a particular interest. They date back to to Neolithic times sometimes as old as 10,000 years but many between 2,000 to 5,000 years old. The Orwell stones just along the road at Milnathort were discovered to have cremated remains at their base that dated back to 2,000 b.c.

There is something innately mysterious and wonderful about their presence in our modern world, they have not been destroyed or demolished, instead they sit quietly in our landscape a testament to our prehistory. This is not something that is merely personal : these stones are a part of our national identity which also resonates with a global audience.

Stones with holes in them or “Adderstones” were used for healing. They also have a long association with warding off evil because if you looked through the hole you could see other worlds….